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Max Joseph is a filmmaker, director, and the co-host of Catfish, which has just completed its fifth season on MTV. This is Part 2 of my interview with Max Joseph. Go back to episode 95 to hear the first installment of our chat  

Max got his start in online video but has also worked extensively on documentaries and feature films. He is the creator of the powerful and beautiful promotional videos Make It Count (for the Nike FuelBand and starring Casey Neistadt) and Follow the Frog (for the Rainforest Alliance) and he also directed the 2015 feature film We Are Your Friends, starring Zac Efron.

This week Ryno Lab is episode 97: Negative Press, Overcoming Rejection and Following Your Gut with Max Joseph (Part 2)

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Max was really honest about topics like rejection, dealing with negative media, and what happens if your influencer community doesn't follow you to a bigger and more mainstream project.

Go back and listen to episode 95 for my background info on Max. Thanks again Max, for coming on the Ryno Lab podcast.

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Max opens up about questions like:

  • Can influencers go mainstream?
  • What's it like if your influencer audience doesn't follow you to a bigger project?
  • How do you you deal with negative press?
  • How do you deal with rejection?


Official website:

We Are Your Friends trailer:

Max Joseph's epic videos:

Make It Count --

Follow the Frog --

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