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For this week's episode, we go back to where it all began:  Episode 1 with Burnie Burns. It's only appropriate to re-post the Burnie episode, which kicked this whole podcast off.  Burnie's company Rooster Teeth is an online video and media juggernaut.  He is an inspiration to many creators like Barbara Dunkelman (who works at Rooster Teeth), Adam Kovic & Bruce Greene (who now work at Rooster Teeth), Freddie Wong, and Shira Lazar - all who are past Influencer Economy podcast guests. 

We talked about the origins of Rooster Teeth, Red vs. Blue, and his advice to up and coming creators.  This is one you won't want to miss.

I also spend the first few minutes talking about the past year of the podcast, where it's going and what I've learned.  And my baby daughter gets a few shout-outs.

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Tucker Max details his successful career as a book author in this episode. He also gives advice to aspiring authors and talks about his new business venture:  Book in a Box. Tucker opens up in this interview, and you won’t want to miss it. Tucker has been sued about his blog, was initially rejected by the publishing industry and has even been cheap-shotted by Shane Battier during a pick-up basketball games. He talks about it all.

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Did you know that only 3 writers have ever had 3 books on the NY Times best-seller list at the same time? Tucker Max, Malcom Gladwell, and Michael Lewis are the only authors to have reached such a level of success.

Tucker pioneered the model of “owning your audience and controlling your book sales distribution” when he published his first best seller “I Hope they Serve Beer in Hell” in 2006. Back then, writing on the web for free was frowned upon by the publishing world. Now it’s the norm.

In 2015 everyone wants to write a book. Smart business people see the value of a book serving as a ‘calling card.’ Books can promote your business, help increase your public speaking rates, and even develop one’s authority in a business category – it’s never been this easy to write and publish.

We talk about why people should write books, the current state of self-publishing, Amazon, and even when and how Tucker was sued by Miss Vermont a few years ago.

What you can learn from this episode:

  • What it’s like taking cheap shots from Shane Battier in a pick-up game
  • The importance of luck and hard work in his writing success (and how many people don’t talk enough about luck)
  • The current state of book publishing and professional self-publishing
  • How Tucker would have started his career if Snapchat, YouTube, and Twitter existed when he became an author (hint –he wouldn’t be a writer)
  • What happens when he advises start-ups in taking venture capital from “the man”
  • Why you’re better off wearing sweat pants than a really bad suit in a meeting
  • Why having a book sends signals to people and why the amount of copies you sell doesn’t matter

Links mentioned the conversation


   Book in a Box: (Tucker’s blog)

   All of Tucker Max’s books on Amazon

   Tucker Max on Twitter | LinkedIn


   David Marquet’s Turn the Ship around:

   Ben Horowitz’s The Hard Thing about Hard Things:

   Bethany Motta:

   Nir Eyal’s Hooked:

   Adam Grant’s Give and Take:

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Jordan Harbinger – From #1 Business Podcast to the Art of Charm Academy


Jordan Harbinger details how he started The Art of Charm podcast, and built a successful media company around his show. He shares how he launched the Art of Charm Boot Camps in Los Angeles, helping men to gain confidence socially and in business.   College is becoming less relevant when it comes to defining what career you want to have and Jordan’s education alternative is part of an emerging industry of cool ways to learn. 

We chat about the podcasting industry, how to market your podcast, and the BS that comes with marketing your content on Twitter.


  • How Jordan turned his podcast into a big media brand
  • The secrets of how Jordan helps ordinary guys become extraordinary men via the Art of Charm
  • Why Twitter is over-rated in marketing your web content
  • Why podcasts have 10x more conversion than other media properties
  • How the podcast helped Jordan launch his Art of Charm Academy and Bootcamps
  • How Jordan built a school and bootcamp around the Art of Charm
  • The importance of helping correct people’s mindsets
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Paul Jarvis is a best-selling author, writer, web designer, podcast host and also the chief of “giving you a gentle kick in the pants” to get over your fears.  Paul Jarvis dropped by the show to talk about creativity, building audience and working on your own projects. He details his writing process, online course creation and general theories about finding your “rat people” in your community. 



What you can learn from the show:

  • How to create a process for making a living from being creative
  • The important steps in getting from idea to execution
  • How to make money based on the skills that you have
  • How people can shape the future of online learning and education
  • The framework for making a living from your art
  • How habits create constancy and how Paul writes for ½ hour a day every day, 7 days a week
  • The importance of building an audience before selling a product
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