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Kate Talbot is a social media expert, digital marketing consultant, and content creator who has been involved with online networking since its very early days. She has worked as a social media manager for both Kiva and Virgin America and has consulted with many other businesses and organizations regarding their social media presence and digital marketing strategies.

Most recently, Kate is the author of Oh Snap! You Can Use Snapchat for Business, a bestselling guide to using Snapchat as a marketing and advertising tool. The book offers strategies for businesses and organizations to move beyond merely participating in social media and instead take charge of that influence to build brand recognition and ultimately to increase revenue.

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This interview is a sort of "master class" on the strategic use of Snapchat. With their usual sharp irony, Millennials love Snapchat because of both its ephemeral nature and its sharable format, and companies can take advantage of both. Content is too dynamic to get stale on Snapchat, but it is also perfectly designed for constant evolution and infinite personalization. Millennials also favor Snapchat for its immediacy and authenticity. The very design of the platform strongly encourages straightforward, honest content, which in turn builds trust and allows companies to connect with their communities on a one-to-one basis.

 Snapchat is demonstrably changing the way social media works and it is crucial for influencers to take advantage of those changes. Every major social media platform is aligning more closely to the Snapchat model. Even the established titan of social media, Facebook, recently revamped their Messenger program to work like Snapchat does. And these changes won't stop any time soon. In addition to its well-known Lenses, Filters, and the recently released Spectacle, Snapchat is actively developing plans to further integrate virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence into its platform, and others will certainly follow.

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Quotes from the interview:

"You are defined by your social presence. But with Snapchat you can just be you and you don't have to be that perfectly curated person.... People crave authenticity and the idea of curation and perfectionism, which was huge on Instagram, was going to decline. People can't keep that up long term." 

"You want to send your friends ugly selfies. That means you have a true friendship. This is a key point from a millennial point of view."

"It's advertising at its best. It's not a banner ad that you're, like, 'Ugh, I don't want to see it.' You're literally becoming the ad and sharing it with your community. It's bottom-up and it's great. People save it, they share it on other social channels, and the advertising ROI on Snapchat is huge."


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