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My guest this week is Adam Grant, the author of the New York Times' best selling book:  "Give and Take:  A Revolutionary Approach to Success."  Adam is a professor at Wharton, and their highest rated teacher ever.  His research around giving and taking has revolutionized how people can achieve business success.  Listen to hear more about how "giving" actually helps everyone achieve more success in the long run.

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 Adam broke down with Ryan the three key styles in the work environment: 1) Giving 2) Taking 3) Matching.  

Givers are the types of people who show-up early at work, mentor others, and stay late to help-out.  They give without expecting anything in return.  Takers are the types of people who "take" and look out for only themselves.  While matchers are the most common type of person at work.  Matchers have the philosophy: "You help me, and I'll help you" (tit for tat).

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What you'll learn from this episode:

  • How to learn more about giving, and how this is greater for you in the long run
  • The characteristics around the key styles in the work place:  giving, taking and matching
  • How to take the long view in business, as life is NOT a zero-sum game
  • That takers have a short view towards life and work
  • How takers can learn to become givers 
  • How five minute favors and making 3 intros a day changed Adam Rikin's life (and the lives of others)
  • How givers like the venture capital investor David Hornik succeed more by giving

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