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What if you were a writer who let it all hang-out.  What if you wrote about failure and not just success. And what if you approached topics such such as wishing that your daughter becomes a lesbian or listing your business failures for all to learn from.  That's what James Altucher does.  James is a writer, investor, start-up founder, podcast, father, and literally an open book when it comes to his creation.

I was excited to have him on the show to discuss all things Choosing Yourself and the art and science about how he professionally self-published his own best-selling book.

In this episode you'll learn:

  • How James embraces failure and success when living his life
  • How James asked former Twitter CEO Dick Costello to write the forward for his book Choose Yourself
  • Why it's important to choose yourself in the modern economy
  • The art of asking people for help and favors (and why it can be agonizing)
  • The importance of joining part of a "scene" where you have peers and partners when it comes to your creative and entrepreneurial endeavors
  • Why James writing sometimes invokes criticism from friends and non-friends

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James' book "Choose Yourself": 


Ideas and people mentioned:

  • James Hadfield on James' podcast:
  • AJ Jacobs Global Family Reunion:
  • Tucker Max's Book in a Box:
  • Jayson Gaignard MMT:
  • Adam Grant's Give and Take:



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Jemele Hill is a podcast host, TV show host, and modern day multi-platform journalist. She works at ESPN, hosts the His and Hers TV show and podcast with her show partner Michael Smith. And she's an overall social media maven and an old pal from SXSW and other digital sports event.  

Note: We had some static on the skype line during parts of the episode with Jemele. We worked hard to edit out the reverb as much as possible and spent considerable time touching it up. We think this is an episode that you'll enjoy, and thanks again for listening.

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What we talked about: 

  • How she hosts and created a TV show: His and Hers while also hosting a podcast of the same name
  • The importance of accuracy in journalism
  • The importance of being natural in your podcast
  • The secrets of success for the Her and Hers Podcast and TV Show
  • What it's like working at ESPN when big athletes come by the campus
  • How she interviews guests like Triple H on His and Hers
  • The art of using Twitter to go off on tangets, cracking jokes, and hanging out on Twitter.
  • Building chemistry like Stockton and Malone with her co-host Michael Smith
  • #BlackTwitter and the shared experience and levity of the community on Twitter
  • How she started working in journalism after graduating Michigan State, and how she wanted to be a journalist at a young age
  • How podcasts are all about authenticity while the TV show is about grabbing people's attention in 5 minutes
  • How she builds her own culture around her podcasts, and how she avoids talking about sports 
  • Why The Roots are her Spirit Animal in finding the right audience for her podcast (and being cool with if not everyone listens or messes with your show)
  • How to get people to believe your podcast, and how the essence of podcasting is truly getting to know someone and getting an entry point in their lives
  • Her top hip-hop artists of all-time (she doesn't lke these questions but answered it anyway!)

Links we mentioned:

Blogs with Balls:

Anthony Saleh:


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Taryn Southern epitomizes the modern day actress who is an entrepreneur.  She has created her own path towards an entertainment career in the online media world, which includes a YouTube following of over 400,000 subscribers.  While she has had reoccurring roles

TV shows like "New Girl," "The League," and "American Dad."  We are excited to have her on the show.  


Originally from Wichita, KS, Taryn moved to L.A. working with most L.A.-based media online companies.  From MySpace, to Verizon, to eventually YouTube she quickly embraced the digital video world.  As a writer, producer, and actress -she has created her own opportunities. 


In 2007, Taryn produced and starred in the first social media integrated original series, Project MyWorld for DirecTVwhere Taryn traveled the world to meet her MySpace friends.  And as a singer, Taryn’ debut comedy album, On My Face, hit #11 on the iTunes Comedy charts.  She is a jack-of-all trades in how she has built her online business. 


In 2012, she invested her own money in a YouTube channel, and founded her own production business.  She says the key to YouTube success is not only relying on YouTube for money, but also making your money from opportunities that come from YouTube.  


In this podcast, you'll learn how to build a YouTube based career, how to work as an entrepreneurial actor, how to build a personality-based media company, how to create your own creative career as an actress, and how to produce/act/build your acting career through online media.    


She also realizes that the end game isn't just TV and film.  She can be highly diverse in her media career, while controlling the work that she does.  It’s fascinating to see how she connects directly with her fans online, while working as an actress in 2014.  We’re happy to have her on the show.

Follow Taryn:

We’d love to hear what you think and leave a comment or question below. 




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