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Dan Pashman details how he buit the Sporkful podcast into a massively successful food brand. He recently partnered with WNYC for his show, and also has written a best-selling book:  Eat More Better.  I even got the chance to pretend like i was on the show, talking about L.A. BBQ. And he gives a hit-list for how to create something that people will love. 

The Sporkful:


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Dan Pashman, host of the podcast The Sporkful and author of the book Eat More Better stopped by the show.  Dan details the secrets of how he built his successful food podcast that is ‘For eaters, not foodies.”

Dan says that every meal is an opportunity for greatness, and his quirky and irreverent style has won over millions of listeners on iTunes.  Dan was an independent podcast creator, up until last year when the legendary public radio station WNYC picked-up the show. 

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Jayson Gaignard dropped by to detail how he created his MasterMind Talks Series, and has built lifelong connections by introducing influencers and experts via "Mastermind Dinners."

Jayson is a black belt in networking, building community and relationships. We go deep into the value of connecting like-minded indviduals and helping others always comes back to you.  Jayson is adding a deep knowledge-base for listeners, and will help you understand the value of buiding bridges for others.  Learn how you can book your own influencer dinners and cultivate more meaningful long term relationships in this episode.  

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What we learned this episode:

  • How a Seth Godin talk changed Jayson's life
  • How relatiionships and people are the safest things you can invest in
  • How Jayson lives his life "in business you either stand for something or you stand for nothing"
  • The wealth of relationships and connecting people
  • The benefits of the "anchor guest" model and "The moving up the food chain" strategies for planning influencer dinners
  • How Jayson follows Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger's advice to:  "Eliminate one area of ignorance every year"
  • How money is the derative of the value you give people
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Author Nir Eyal joins the podcast for a discussion around his NY Times best-selling book “Hooked:  How to Build Habit Forming Products.”  Nir explains the 4-step process around building products that capture people’s attention.  From Facebook to WhatsApp to Pinterest – Nyer has spent years contextualizing academic research, applying it to help entrepreneurs build habit-forming products. 

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Nir is a pioneer when it comes to self-publishing.  He details the journey of his book becoming a best seller and how his blog, community, and self-published e-book helped land his book on the NY Times list.  It’s an amazing story that all writers can learn from.

  • How Nir started writing his blog to answer his own questions about how products create habits
  • How hearing Mark Zuckerberg speak when Nir was in Stanford business school inspired his curiosity around the hooked model
  • How Facebook & WhatsApp nailed the Hooked model
  • The difference between vitamins (nice to have) and pain killers (must have) when building products
  • A guide to the 4-Step Hooked process: 1) Trigger 2) Action 3) Reward 4) Investment
  • How podcasts apps. like Stitcher form habits for their listeners
  • The GEM model (Growth, engagement, monetization)
  • How Nir’s career transitioned from entrepreneur into story-teller
  • How Nir reach the NY Times best-seller list with the help of his community of blog readers

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