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Earwolf's Jeff Ullrich joined me on the show to talk about how he launched the Earwolf podcast network, with his business partner Scott Aukerman.  We speak about how the role of talent, producer, and entrepreneur are all merging in the world of media.  Shows you may have heard of: Comedy Bang Bang, Sklarbro Country, and Jeff's podcast The Wolf Den, are produced in-house at Earwolf.  He also founded The Mid Roll, which is a advertising tool for artists to monetize their shows.  Nerdist, Marc Maron's WTF, and an entire network of shows leverage The Mid Roll product.  


We talked about how he got to 1,000 true fans for his early podcasts, how the innovator's dilemma inspired him to create the business.   He's built a podcast network with over 7 million monthly downloads, and over 10 million in revenue, it's an inspiring conversation.  


The Mid Roll:


Jeff's Wolf Den Podcast:

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