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Hey guys, I had Jeff Ullrich on the show for this week's episode. I'm excited to be re-publishing this episode from last year, where I interviewed Jeff.  Earwolf and Midroll media are two the pioneering companies in the podcasting biz and I wanted everyone to hear Jeff's story.

Jeff's passion in the world that intersects media, entrepreneurship and art is unparalled in the new world of the influencer economy.  If you haven't heard this episode yet, it's a good one IMO. (Remember it originally aired last year, but it's still 100% relevant now)


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Anthony Saleh is a talent manager, investor and avid sports fan. He manages artists like Nas and also serves as a founder of Queensbridge Ventures investment firm. We talked a lot about the culture around investing, managing talent and how in life there is no reward for being a jerk.

We talk a lot of sports on top of our philosophies around business.  

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We are excited to have Tom Merritt on the show this week. He's a host, producer and a modern day renaissance man in the video and audio world. He is an old school radio guy and now hosts among his many popular podcasts:  The Daily Tech News Show, Sword and Laser, and Cord Killers.

Tom is in inspiration to many in the world of DIY creators, we can all and should learn from him.

He hosts the popular Daily Tech News Show

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Bryan Alvarez is the hardest working man in the wrestling and MMA audio business. And we were excited to have him join the show this week.

Bryan is a former wrestler who he started making internet radio back in 1999. In other words he is old school in the podcasting business.

Bryan's work covers the world of the WWE and MMA and he covers those topics like no one else online  His background story is inspiring and I can't wait for you to hear it.

We also talk 80's and 90's  wrestling from Hogan to Andre the Giant to the Hart Foundation.  It was a fun one to record, and we're excited to post it for everyone to hear.

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