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Helping people without expecting anything in return is the best business model for life. And today's guest, Jon Levy, practices that mantra. He has a new book out called,The 2am Principle. LISTEN TO EPISODE 97 for Part 1 with Jon Levy.

Jon Levy (@JonLevyTLB) is behavioral scientist studying influence and adventure. 

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In this Ryno Lab episode, you'll learn:

  • How to connect and help others to bring yourself joy
  • Where influencers can help you launch your business
  • How to build a community of influencers
  • How to take advantage of 'weak ties" to build your network

Jon is also the founder of The Influencers Dinner, a private community and dining experience in which twelve thought leaders and tastemakers across industries prepare dinner together. Look for part II of this episode coming soon!

Jon Levy's: The 2 AM Principle book:

Jon Levy:


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