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Burnie Burns of RoosterTeeth:  Red vs. Blue, Online Video, and YouTube

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Welcome to the Influencer Economy, my name is Ryan Williams. We’re really fired-up for our first guest on our inaugural podcast: Burnie Burns. Burnie is an entrepreneur and the founder of Rooster Teeth, an online video studio and production company, based on Austin, TX. He is a YouTube visionary and online video expert, we talk to him about the origins of Rooster Teeth. He’s a pioneer in the online video entertainment world, and he started Rooster Teeth as a passion project in 2003.

Burnie and I got to chat about how they built their YouTube Channels to have over 10 million subscribers, and how those channels have served over 3 billion total video views in aggregate. That is incredible. Burnie and I also dive into Rooster Teeth’s major tent pole show, the series Red vs. Blue, that was one of the biggest and most successful early examples of the machinima art form. Red vs. Blue is one of the biggest fan films ever. They created the series within the gaming of Halo, and Microsoft was even okay with them making the series.

For those who don’t understand the machinima filmmaking style, machinima is “digital pupeteering” as Burnie puts it. It’s when creators tell narrative stories within video game engines, record the content, and post it online. They use of real-time computer graphics engines to create a cinematic production. Red vs. Blue uses the characters in the game of Halo to act out lines, behind the games animation. It’s fascinating stuff, Burnie was an original in the Machinima industry, even going to Sundance film festival.

It was fascinating to hear that initially Rooster Teeth was a labor of love, working with his friends, who worked on the company after working normal day jobs. And now they still maintain that type of culture in their office.

In this podcast you’ll learn: How to build a YouTube channel, how to launch a online video company, how to work in the gaming industry, how to build a brand online, how to launch a career in gaming and YouTube.

We also talk about his advice for creators, and people wanting to work in the online video world now, versus when he started Rooster Teeth 11 years ago. We talk about his early inspirations and how much the industry has changed since he launched Rooster Teeth.

We even get into a conversation about Texas BBQ and how Texans love big cups.…id820744212?mt=2


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