Breathwork with Ryan Willims

Want to listen to a FREE chapter of my book: How to launch your idea, share it with the world, and thrive in the digital age: In The Influencer Economy? I'm excited to announce that my book is now available on Audible, click here to check it out! You can also buy it on Amazon, click here. To celebrate I'm giving you a free chapter during this episode.

 We will outline the bold vision of the book, and the platform that got me to this point. I want to thank you the listener for all the support, and feel free to leave an honest iTunes review here!

The book's framework is:

Step 1: Launch

Chapter 1: Craft a Big Vision Chapter 2: Pick Your Platform Chapter 3: Book Your Own Gigsā€”The Jay Z Effect Chapter 4: Adopt New Technology Early and Often

Step 2: Share

Chapter 5: Strive for Authenticity Chapter 6: Collaborate Chapter 7: Capture Lightning in a Bottle

Step 3: Thrive

Chapter 8: Open Doors for Others Chapter 9: Meet People In Real Life (IRL) Chapter 10: Give Your Community Ownership

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