Breathwork with Ryan Willims

Ryan spoke with Michael Goldfine, producer of the ultra-successful film, Camp Takota.  The summer camp comedy movie, Camp Takota stars YouTubers Grace  Helbig, Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart.  The film was distributed exclusively online, and turned a profit within four days of its release.  It is an online film juggernaut based on the passion of their Takota Nation fan base. 


Michael’s company Rockstream Studios, produced the film, where it was #3 on the indie film iTunes charts, behind major studio films like Dallas Buyers Club and 12 Years a Slave.  Ryan and Michael talked about the dilemma that every person creating in media faces:  Do I go traditional or exclusively digital?  He elected for digital only, and the film was a massive success – without any initial mainstream attention.  It was independently financed, distributed, and marketed.In this episode you’ll learn:



·      The benefits of releasing your movie, book, music album exclusively on digital platforms. 

·      How to persist in business when you keep talking to people who say “no, no, no”

·      How to launch a film or idea, without mainstream press

·      How to create your ideas in film, and break into the film industry

·      How to create a new business and distribution model for your passion projects





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