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Lance Ulanoff is Chief Correspondent and Editor-at-Large at Mashable.  He joined the Stories From the Influencer Economy, to detail his work as a journalist, and discuss how the journalism industry is evolving in the era of social media.

We also discussed how journalists can build their personal brands on platforms like Twitter & Vine.  Lance has covered Apple since his days writing PC Mag, through the current job at Mashable.  He also has makes regular appearances to talk tech and products on shows like Fox News, the Today Show, and Good Morning America. 

I had Lance on the show to discuss: 

  • How journalists can market themselves, and find their POV
  • What type of content journalists can create to stand-out in the media world
  • What’s it like covering Apple event in 2014, vs. 1990


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What you’ll get out from this episode (Show notes):


  • How Lance uses Vine animations to tell stories via journalism 
  • The importance of having a personal brand in social media 
  • How Lance went from writing a column for PC Mag, to creating social media stories at Mashable 
  • How social media creates real-time news at Mashable
  • The differences between news rooms in the late 1990’s to today
  • What its like covering the Apple iPhone launch events
  • What it was like writing 20 page features on technology compared to his work today in journalism
  • How he connects with Levarr Burton, William Shatner and other influencers via social media
  • Lance’s advice to journalism students for “how to get into writing for a living”
  • What’s next for Mashsable 
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