Breathwork with Ryan Williams

Hi, I am Ryan Williams. My life is divided into two life spans: Before Breathwork (BB), and After Breathwork (AB).

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I am a writer, Breathworker, teacher, social media marketer, and podcast host.  I am a certified as a Breathwork teacher, Yoga Nidra teacher, and meditation instructor. You may be familiar with my first book, "The Influencer Economy," and podcast of a similar name.

After working in stand-up comedy, social media for Disney, Machinima, and many tech startups to help spread their stories, I now use my skills to further my mission: helping people learn how to heal themselves.

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Why join the Breathwork with Ryan podcast community?

Come join this community and practice Breathwork if you are:

- Looking to drink less caffeine, alcohol, or sugar drinks

- Crafting a vision around finding more meaningful work

- Wanting to sleep more deeply and "doomscroll" less on your phone before bedtime

- Building a new routine around fitness, exercise, or decreasing stress

- Channeling more creativity and releasing the blocks around your artistry

- Complimenting work you’re already doing around mental and nervous system health 

- Relieving dating app obsession, clarifying your vision of a loving partner, and are tired of inappropriate dating matches

What does Breathwork feel like?

In Breathwork you breathe with intention, which helps to calm down the nervous system. Intentional breathing helps to relax, since many of us spend our days breathing in fear, worried about our job security, or even anxious about missing traffic lights. We are burned out, Breathwork retrains us on how to breathe in a more healthy and even fun way.

To practice Breathwork you lay on your back, breathing in a rhythmic breathing pattern. Music is playing in the background, and your goal is to relax your body. You breathe in two deep inhales. First in the belly, then in the chest. Then you exhale it all out.

It goes like this:

  • Inhale in the chest
  • Inhale in the belly
  • Exhale it all out

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If you have any questions, leave a comment below 👇🏼 or DM me on Instagram.

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