Breathwork with Ryan Willims

I love the excitement behind startups, and how driven invested individuals can become. I also understand the failures involved in working for a startup. I lived it all - Whether it's negotiating hard for equity, understanding that 90% of startups fail and dealing with the stresses of startup work.

This week I answer audience feedback questions, based on failures that I have had at startups.  I want you to learn how to negotiate and win at a startup. I have been burned by startups before. Whether it was losing money on stock or getting no stock at all, I've been burned..

This week you will hear a question from my my audience and I'm trying something new. I will spend the entire episode sharing my experiences, wins and losses to help answer your questions..I want to help you since you have helped me so much.

This week you'll learn:
  1. How to negotiate equity at startup
  2. How much equity do you ask for 
  3. What happens if the company fails
  4. How much time should I allocate when I negotiate equity
  5. How to make money for products sold vs. a flat fee
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