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It was a pleasure to have Fula on "The Influencer Economy," he's a well-respected DJ/musician/host on YouTube.  Flula has over 500,000 YouTube subscribers on his channel and has built a loyal global audience. 

Flula shows the power and everything that is right with the internet.  He created a video "Flula in Germany" video which found the front page of Reddit, and garnered over 400,000 views.  This video was in made in response to his deportation to Germany, which made him sad.  However, the video had such a popular online reaction, it propelled him to prioritize making videos on YouTube and the web.  
Growing up in Germany, one of his heroes was Dirk Novitzski.  He made a video entitled "German Moses," and also sang The Rolling Stones "Satisfication," in his patenteded "auto-tune" series where he sings/raps in a car.  You can see the Dirk collaboration here:
I was grateful to have Flula on "The Influencer Econony," he is an inspiring artist and successful YouTube entrepreneur.   
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