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Excited for episode #5 of The Influencer Economy, with my guest Jamie Wilkinson. Jamie and I had an awesome chat about media, video , and making stuff on the internet. It was so good, I had to divide it up into two different episodes. The conversation is a fascinating glimpse into the world of where the film industry

Jamie is currently the CEO and co-founder of VHX , a direct distribution platform where creators can sell videos, TV, film and content directly to their fans. They are paving the way for creators to connect with their fans, and empowering a generation of artists to generate revenue around their passions.

In the 2nd episode we chatted about VHX, and early successful projects Indie Game the Movie and Camp Takota. We also chat about VHX's projects within undervalued deep verticals like Kung-Fu, religion, and Korean Starcraft gaming. These are some of the more marketable movies that a studio would not consider marketable, but they are perfect for online distribution.

We also dive into how Indie Game the Move revolutionized the art and science of launching a film. He suggests that filmmakers should create a website, branding, and start making content well in advance to when their film debuts. Building an audience in advance of a film premiere is imperative to one's film success in the modern day launch.

We chatted about Camp Takota, which starts the Hannah Hart, Mamrie Hart and Grace Helbig, major YouTube stars, who leveraged VHX for their launch. In general Jamie believes you should have your film on all platforms, not only VHX, but Netflix, TV, iTunes, etc. And the team from Camp Takota did a wonderful job on their launch strategy.

Jamie is also the co-creator of Star Wars Uncut and won a Primetime Emmy – for “Outstanding Achievement in Interactive Media Non-Fiction in 2010. The film is an amazing crowd-sourced re-creation of the original Star Wars film.

In this episode you will learn:
How to launch an indie film
How Indie Game The Movie partnered with VHX and created a blueprint for how to self-distribute a film
How Camp Takota distributed their movie via their YouTube followings
How the future of film is direct communication and collaboration with the film’s audience
How to launch a film brand, create a film, and build audience ahead of your film’s release
How one Tweet can change your career path, and how Andy Baio Tweet’ed the Indie Game the Movie filmmakers about VHX and the rest is history
That the next generation of filmmaking is fans and creators directly communicating throughout the filmmaking process.

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