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Hrishikesh Hirway is a musician, story-teller, and podcast host who hosts Song Exploder, a podcast where musicians take apart their songs, and piece by piece, telling the story of how they were made. He has had inspiring and loved musicians such as U2, Bj√∂rk, Postal Service and Spoon on the show. Hrishikesh is a podcast mastercraftsman and we talk in depth about his creative process and how he launched his idea to the world. We dive into how he created one of the most successful music podcasts.

As a podcast listener Song Exploder invites you into the mindset and framework of some of the bigger touring acts and indie artists in the music world. You can hear Wilco's Jeff Wilco explain what inspired him to write the song Magnetized. Or U2's The Edge breaking down the process for how the music was written for U2's song Cedarwood Road, and Bono looks back at his life growing up in Dublin where he was inspired to write the song. And Postal Service's Jimmy Tamborello shares the District Sleeps Alone Tonight, and talks about his instruments, his influences, and accidentally making a loop out of Jenny Lewis's backing vocals.

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Hrishikesh doesn't ask the artists about their big hit singles or world-wide hits. The songs are often personal and intimate tracks, composed and created by the artist. Song Exploder is an intimate and personal window into the world of how artists create, write, and score the songs that people love.

Hrishikesh talks in depth about how he created the idea for Song Exploder, launched it to the world with the help of Jesse Thorn the Maximum Fun (a podcast network) and is thriving as part of the Radiotopia network.

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