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Omar Zenhom from the $100 MBA Show stopped by The Influencer Economy Podcast this week. He's at the forefront of education and entrepreneurship and we talked at length about his story.
Omar dropped out of Wharton Business School to start $100 MBA, after talking to a teacher who inspired him to start his own company.  The $100 MBA is a podcast and online educational resource that helps people build their own entrepreneurial businesses. As a former teacher, Omar leverages his educational background to give business people a playbook for building their own companies.
Graduate school and MBA's are very expensive in 2015 and often people go into debt to pay for a graduate degree. Programs like Omar's are super-relevant while also up and coming as they give people a chance to learn a lot through more inexpensive ways.
Additionally Omar loves a good webinar and as a firm believer in the medium. he and his partner Nicole Balduni launched a company WebinarNinja recently launched and I attended his conference this weekend. 
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