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Jim Louderback stopped by The Influencer Economy this week. Jim a world-class CEO, and former Head of Revision3, a pioneering online video company. He currently runs the industry and track of VidCon, the 20,000 person online video geek conference in Anaheim, CA.

Jim is an expert at the intersection of geek communities and business. He understands the culture of online geeks, and how to build companies and support business around people's passions and interests.

Jim's Revision3 company was acquired by Discovery Networks in 2007, and Jim worked at Discovery prior to his time at VidCon.

What we talked about:

  • How VidCon connects the "virtual space" to the "meet space" where online communities can connect IRL (in real life)
  • It's not about the fanbase anymore, but about the 'friendbase'
  • How YouTube creators are the fulcrom for online communities, ut not necessary the focus
  • How VidCon is as much about community members meeting other community members, as fans meeting the creators.
  • How everyone on the internet has a home and there are people 'like them' around their geek passions
  • How Revision3 built-out hugely popular geek communities online, and how Discovery acquired their network

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