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Tom Scharpling is an OG radio host and podcaster. He started to host and produce a radio show called "The Best Show" on WFMU back in 2003. The show featured call-ins from listeners, stories and special guests like comedian Patton Oswalt.

In 2014, The Best Show went off the air, and re-launched as a podcast.

Tom has paved the way with his old WFMU show for Marc Maron and WTF, to Chris Hardwick of Nerdist, and many other comedy podcasts in the modern day.

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What we learned on the show:

  • The origins of The Best Show
  • How he and John Wurster collaborate on The Best Show
  • How hosts like Howard Stern inspired Tom
  • Where Tom sees the future of The Best Show going
  • What it's like transitioning from radio to podcasting

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