Breathwork with Ryan Willims

We took this week's show on the road and attended an event called #Tubeathon in Hollywood, CA.  Shira Lazar, the host of this charity event, is an old friend of the show, and we covered the red carpet (or blue carpet actually).

We talked to some heavy hitter YouTube creators asking them the secret to success as a YouTuber. We got some insightful and smart answers, as well as getting some fun conversations around the YouTube space. I even freestyle rapped with DeStorm on the red carpet.

We also supported a great cause at #tubeathon. Every time someone hashtagged #tubeathon on a social media, $1 was given to the Covenant House homeless shelter in Los Angeles.

We try to answer - "What is a YouTuber," "How do YouTuber creators make money?," "How do brands work with YouTubers," and "What is the future of YouTube?"


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