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Jayson Gaignard dropped by to detail how he created his MasterMind Talks Series, and has built lifelong connections by introducing influencers and experts via "Mastermind Dinners."

Jayson is a black belt in networking, building community and relationships. We go deep into the value of connecting like-minded indviduals and helping others always comes back to you.  Jayson is adding a deep knowledge-base for listeners, and will help you understand the value of buiding bridges for others.  Learn how you can book your own influencer dinners and cultivate more meaningful long term relationships in this episode.  

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What we learned this episode:

  • How a Seth Godin talk changed Jayson's life
  • How relatiionships and people are the safest things you can invest in
  • How Jayson lives his life "in business you either stand for something or you stand for nothing"
  • The wealth of relationships and connecting people
  • The benefits of the "anchor guest" model and "The moving up the food chain" strategies for planning influencer dinners
  • How Jayson follows Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger's advice to:  "Eliminate one area of ignorance every year"
  • How money is the derative of the value you give people
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