Breathwork with Ryan Willims

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Ryan Ford is the EVP Chief Creative officer, at Cashmere Agency. Cashmere is a lifestyle agency based in Los Angeles that focuses on multicultural millennials and building out communication strategies that can speak to people authentically wherever they’re at online.  Their sister company is Stampede Management, and their client list that they advise and manage include Snoop Dog, Riff Raff, Far East Movement and more.  

There are a lot of great stories and nuggets from this talk with Ryan.  He and I grew-up in Des Moines, IA back in the day. We catch up about our freestyle rap days,the melting pot of our high school, and how that shapes us today.

Ryan Ford also details how Cashmere, and specifically artists like Snoop Dogg bridge the gap between hip-hop communities and Silicon Valley's tech companies.  Snoop Dogg was the first celebrity on Instagram and their company helps Silicon Valley understand how to communicate with millienials and diverse communities online.  Ryan’s company thinks a lot about MMXLII, which is the year 2042 when minorities in America will make-up the majority.  Ryan also explains Snoop Dogg's crowdfunding campaign to provide football equipment to inner-city youth in Iowa.  There's a lot of great stuff in here.  The article about Snoop helping Des Moines football:

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