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Serein Wu is YouTube beauty vlogger who is helping to reinvent beauty norms in an every growing industry of online beauty. She writes, edits and stars in videos for millions to watch that are about beauty, fashion, depression and whatever is on her mind. Some episodes she will try on make-up products, giving product demos. In other episodes she will talk about trends in fashion to give her viewers a cool discount or deal recommendation, overall she wants her audience to feel their best. 

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Serein is authentic, which is one key to her success. Her "realness," is why beauty vloggers like her a disrupting the multi-billion dollar fashion industries. She has built an amazing trust wither he community. Serein will never sell-out as she has a partnership with the community. She makes money by endorsing beauty products, but only promotes products that she likes and uses.

Disruption, Authenticity and  Reinventing the Beauty Industry with Serein Wu.

What you'll learn:

  • How to be authentic online
  • Why you need to only endorse products you love
  • What is the massive growth industry of beauty vlogging
  • How Serein and other YouTubers build community
  • How beauty vloggers like Serein make videos to help their community to feel good about themselves

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