Nerv with Ryan Williams

Hi, I am Ryan Williams. My life is divided into two life spans: Before Breathwork (BB), and After Breathwork (AB).

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Have you been feeling stressed out with family, over-exhausted from the never-ending pandemic, or seeking a way to treat your insomnia? If you are curious about the type of impact Breathwork can have on burnout, stress, and emotional exhaustion Breathwork teaches us to release stress in a natural way – through exhaling.

You're going to love this Breathwork for Beginners episode!

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Why join the Breathwork with Ryan community?

Come join this community and practice Breathwork if you are:

- Looking to drink less caffeine, alcohol, or sugar drinks

- Crafting a vision around finding more meaningful work

- Wanting to sleep more deeply and to "doomscroll" less on your phone before bedtime

- Building a new routine around fitness, exercise, or decreasing stress

- Channeling more creativity and releasing the blocks around your artistry

- Complimenting work you’re already doing around mental and nervous system health 

- Relieving dating app obsession, clarifying your vision of a loving partner, and you are tired of inappropriate dating matches

To practice Breathwork you lay on your back, breathing in a rhythmic breathing pattern. Music is playing in the background, and your goal is to relax your body. 

***Please do not practice breathwork while operating a vehicle. If you are pregnant or have any known health issues, please consult your doctor before performing Breathwork. If you feel unsafe during the meditation, have a history of trauma, or feel overly activated, you can stop, breathe through your nose, and open your eyes and stop the practice. 

It goes like this:

  • Inhale in the chest

  • Inhale in the belly

  • Exhale it all out

You breathe in two deep inhales. First in the belly, then in the chest. Then you exhale it all out. It's a lot of fun, thanks for joining!

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